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First founded in 1906 by the late Hafiz Elsayed Elbarbary under Hafiz Elsayed Elbarbary Company Ltd, Elbarbary Group has grown from its humble beginnings to become one of the leading companies in Sudan with a great client base in the country and worldwide ties with shipping agencies from  the  far East and West. With a great aim of providing the highest quality products and premier services to the Sudanese market, raising the bar to the rest of the companies and creating a healthy competition, Elbarbary group has emerged as a strong market leader in all fields while seeking greater challenges and achievements that promote growth and success of Sudan in the world market. Throughout its 100-year experience in the Sudanese market, Elbarbary group has never lost sight  of  its core value; its reputation. With a brand which is well respected and greatly recognized, Elbarbary Group is proud of its ethics and determination shown to all its clients through excellent customer  service  experience and professionalism at all times. In addition to the unique qualities that  revolve around customer satisfaction, adaptability and the willingness to go the extra mile, Elbarbary Group staff members in Sudan and internationally are eager to provide an excellent customer service experience at  all their  offices Elbarbary Group is a pioneer in many aspects as it is one of the country’s biggest automotive suppliers specializing in heavy, commercial and recreational vehicles. It is also one of the leading importers of national strategic commodities and exporters of Sudanese products. Moreover, it has one of the country’s most respected transportation companies. Together with the people of  Sudan, Elbarbary  Group is determined to pave the way towards  a  brighter future for Sudan's new generation by  committing  to our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) so as to give back to our community and provide growth opportunities to the Sudanese youth.

Elbarbary Group


At Elbarbary group we are thriving to become an internationally recognized entity with world class standards, whilst using our family values at its core

Elbarbary Group
Mountain Ridge


Our aim, at Elbarbary Group, is to put Sudan on the  world map as a vital, leading market able to impact the global economic movement.

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